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We are so excited to tell you about where we are at with our sustainable initiatives!

First our Staple. Neoprene.

All of our Black neoprene is now made of rubber from the Hevea tree or rubber tree known as Yulex! Yes, the same as Patagonia. We believe it is the most sustainable option on the market. Both of our Black coating fabric is recycled as well. The outer Ultraspan is extremely soft and the inner XTEND is a plush loop that feels buttery soft on the skin.

The goal is for all of our fabric to be recycled but it wouldn't make sense to throw away our old fabric would it? So different parts of suits will be slightly different while we continue to use up our old stock of fabric.

If you want to upcycle your old suits from us, or any other wetsuits you have, we suggest donating them to SUGA. SUGA is a yoga mat company that uses your old wetties to create really cool yoga mats. They are just the best, we highly recommend them ;)

Helping the planet. Planet.

Committed to supporting carbon removal technologies that you can help with! Help us help the planet by checking out with carbon neutral shipping. Planet donators, like you, are helping to fund companies that are proving, scaling, and commercializing climate solutions for massive impact in the long term.

Keep an eye our for. Reef.

Our reef collection (that we are currently working on) will be available this Fall 2024. Our goal here is to be able to donate directly to organizations that are helping protect our oceans.

Make the world a better place. Clean ups.

Come help clean our local Florida beaches with us! We will periodically be hosting beach cleanups in the greater Jacksonville, FL area to promote awareness and create a better environment for beach goers, anglers and the most important of all, mother nature!